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Sleep apnea is characterized by the collapse of the airway during sleep leading to difficulty in breathing and sleep disturbances. If it is not corrected, it can lead to serious health problems. Thankfully, there are several treatment options to help fix this problem.

At Colts Neck Smiles, our experienced and compassionate dentist offers several sleep apnea treatment options to ensure you have a relaxing, undisturbed and well-deserved sleep.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea occurs when your airway becomes blocked or narrowed in your sleep, making breathing difficult and leading to oxygen deprivation. The most common form of sleep apnea, called obstructive sleep apnea, occurs when the mouth and throat muscles relax and the airway collapses. It can result in snoring, choking, gasping for air during sleep, and frequent awakenings throughout the night.

Sleep apnea can affect people of all backgrounds, although it is more common in people over 40, especially men who are obese or overweight. Other risk factors for developing the condition include smoking, drinking, diabetes, and hypertension.

Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

You should visit a sleep apnea dentist if you develop the following symptoms:

  • Loud snoring
  • Gasping or choking during sleep
  • Frequent awakenings during the night
  • Daytime sleepiness or fatigue
  • Headaches upon waking
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability or mood swings
  • Dry mouth or sore throat upon waking

In most cases, mild sleep apnea treatment involves using a sleep apnea mouthpiece to prevent the tissues from collapsing. You must visit your dentist to ensure that the condition is treated in the early stages.

Treatment Of Sleep Apnea

Fortunately, there are several sleep apnea solutions available to treat the condition. The most appropriate treatment will depend on the severity and other factors such as age, health status, and personal preferences. Some of the common approaches for sleep apnea treatment include the following:

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Therapy

CPAP therapy involves wearing a mask over the nose and mouth, which delivers a continuous stream of air to keep the airway open. It is often the first line of treatment for moderate to severe sleep apnea and is highly effective for many patients.

Oral Appliances

Oral appliances for sleep apnea are custom-made devices that fit over the teeth and help to reposition the jaw and tongue to keep the airway open during sleep. These devices are often recommended for patients to treat sleep apnea treatment without CPAP.


Surgery may be recommended to remove excess tissue from the throat or reposition the jaw to keep the airway open. It is typically reserved for severe cases of sleep apnea.

Please book an appointment with our Colts Neck dentist to learn more about sleep apnea treatment near you.

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