Dental Fillings in Colts Neck, NJ

A tooth that suffers decay, cavity, cracking, or damage due to age, grinding, or accident needs to be repaired quickly. Sometimes, we wait until things get out of hand to resolve them. Dental fillings in Colts Neck, NJ, can help reclaim a tooth’s strength, stability, look, and function. At Colts Neck Smiles, we have a qualified team throughout Colts Neck, NJ, that will diagnose whatever is causing discomfort or pain and provide reliable solutions.

The CDC says that one in four adults has untreated cavities. As people age, their natural teeth get susceptible to cavities. Aside from the damage decay causes, untreated cavities can make your life unbearable. The pain affects your demeanor and ability to concentrate, sleep, or eat. Luckily, a dentist near you can provide dental fillings to repair the tooth and stop the damage and pain.

Today’s fillings are different from yesterday’s fillings. Dr. Dilini Peiris can provide tooth-colored fillings instead of traditional silver-colored fillings to repair a cavitated tooth. However, amalgam or silver-colored fillings near you are suited for back teeth because of their strength and ability to stand the chewing force.

Dental Filling Procedure

A dentist in Colts Neck, NJ, will apply a numbing substance to the gums and tissue surrounding the tooth being filled. It helps eradicate pain and discomfort when working on the tooth.

The dentist removes the dead tissue or decayed area of that tooth and cleanses the hollow

The hole is then filled with filling material like composite resin and polished to adjust it to allow the bite to feel normal.

We will provide aftercare guidelines so that your filling stays longer. Consider tooth fillings near you if you seek a cost-effective and easier way to repair your decayed or damaged teeth. Our tooth filling at Colts Neck Smiles looks natural, resists fractures, and chemically bonds to the tooth, making it even stronger.

Visit Dr. Dilini Peiris if you need a dentist in Colts Neck, NJ, to repair your tooth. We will discuss your fillings options so that you get the results you want. Call us today!

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