Tooth Bonding in Colts Neck, NJ

Our teeth, at times, allow us to know when a problem is present. You may notice subtle changes such as yellow, brown, white, or black spots within the enamel. It could also show something like a whole tooth discolored or fractures and even sensitivity. At Colts Neck Smiles, we are committed to restoring your bite’s look, function, and health.

We apply tooth bonding to remedy various issues with the teeth, including closing down gaps between teeth, changing the color and shape of teeth, and repairing chips and fractures. Dr. Dilini Peiris places tooth bonding using tooth-colored composite material to help in enhancing patients’ smiles.

Who Needs Dental Bonding in Colts Neck, NJ?

People seeking cosmetic improvements to revamp their smile’s look may need tooth bonding in Colts Neck, NJ. The procedure helps:

  • Conceal cracks and chips in the teeth
  • Mask tooth discoloration
  • Change the teeth’ shape
  • Make a tooth look longer
  • Close spaces and gaps in the teeth.

Once you visit our dental clinic in Colts Neck, NJ, our dentist near you will carefully inspect your teeth to see if bonding is the most appropriate treatment.

Procedure Details

Dental bonding can be reversed, unlike other treatments like porcelain veneers. During the procedure, a dentist in Colts Neck, NJ, selects the shade. The dentist needs to get a shade that will allow the bonding material to match the shade of the natural teeth. A shade guide is used in this process of selecting a shade.

Next, the dentist preps the tooth. Roughing the tooth and applying a conditioning substance make the bonding material stick firmly onto the surface. The composite resin material is applied, cured, and polished to give a uniform look and great sheen.

Dental bonding is not painful since the dentist does not touch areas where the nerves are. The shaving down is minimal when prepping the tooth; therefore, the tooth structure is maintained. Again, no special care is required; brush and floss normally.

Visit Colts Neck Smiles for a tooth bonding near you. During your consultation, Dr. Dilini Peiris will evaluate you for the treatment and discuss the bonding material and cost.

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