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Looking for a dentist Lincroft, NJ? At Colts Neck Smiles, you’ll feel welcomed from the moment you walk through our doors. From our highly trained staff to our state-of-the-art dental technology, we provide our patients with the best treatments available.

As a group, we are committed to providing high-quality care while putting our patients first. We recognize that not everyone enjoys the dentist and will do everything possible to make you feel at ease. We think dental visits should be enjoyable and that happy patients lead to smiles!

Colts Neck Smiles is a full-service dental practice located in Lincroft, NJ that provides everything from cleanings and exams to oral surgery and cosmetic dentist Lincroft procedures. We are dedicated to providing you with the finest level of service in a warm and welcoming environment.

When you visit Colts Neck Smiles and meet our friendly team, you will feel right at home! Visit us to hear about all the ways we can help you improve your dental health and smile for a lifetime. General and cosmetic dentistry services are available.

Colts Neck Smiles provides a full range of dental services to individuals of all ages. Our compassionate and caring dentist and dental staff provide the greatest and most up-to-date dentistry treatments to the people of Lincroft. We are here to help with general dentistry services such as dental cleanings and exams, pediatric dentistry for children, and more advanced cosmetic dentistry services as well.

Cosmetic Dentist Lincroft

The appearance of your smile can have an impact on many elements of your life. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you will be self-conscious and smile less. Smiling has been shown in studies to boost your happiness and even your physical health. The happiness you experience from smiling can be contagious, making others feel happier and want to smile as well. Smiling shows you are friendly and hospitable; if you rarely smile, people may assume you are sad or don’t like them.

Unfortunately, oral problems can have an impact on your willingness — and even ability — to smile. Some people are born with malformed or unusual teeth. Others may suffer tooth loss or breakage as a result of an accident. If you smoke, you may feel embarrassed by your stained teeth. As a Dentist Lincroft, we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Call us at 732-431-0800 today to learn more about our cosmetic services and see what would be right for you.

Children’s Dentist Lincroft

We want everyone to enjoy going to the dentist because we are dentists. One of the reasons we practice family dentistry is to develop in children a love of going to the dentist by making it enjoyable for them. But we recognize that many individuals are afraid of going to the dentist, whether because of a terrible experience with a dentist or for other reasons. Our staff understands and compassionately treats all patients.

Full-Service Dental Care

We emphasize preventive care at our dental clinic, including twice-yearly examinations. We will do an exam at this time and discuss with you any findings that come up. No matter how hard patients strive to practice proper dental hygiene, they occasionally acquire a cavity or another problem. We offer general dentistry services, as well as restorative dentistry. If you are looking for a regular dentist to care for your teeth or looking to improve your smile, Colts Neck Smiles can help. We also provide cosmetic dentistry services such as tooth whitening, dental veneers, and orthodontic options such as Invisalign. You want to be proud of your smile because it is one of the first things people notice about you.

But, if you are looking for general dental services, we are here for you as well. We offer a variety of tooth replacement alternatives for our customers who are missing teeth, including dental bridges, full or partial dentures, and dental implants.

Call Colts Neck Smiles today whether you’re new to the region or simply looking for a new dentist. We would be happy to discuss with you your concerns and help you get the smile you have always wanted.

Why Choose Colts Neck Smiles?

From the moment you step through our doors, you will feel welcomed at Colts Neck Smiles. We give our patients with the greatest treatments possible, from our highly trained personnel to our cutting-edge dental technology.

Keep in mind that regular visits to Colts Neck Smiles can help you avoid needing more extensive dental work in the future. Our team is available to meet all of your dental requirements. Please contact us if you are seeking a family or cosmetic dentist in Lincroft today! We would be happy to discuss your oral health concerns. Our friendly staff is standing by, waiting for your call.

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