Do I Need Bed Rest After Tooth Extraction?

June 1, 2023

Having to undergo a tooth extraction process can be unnerving for anyone. This might be due to the fact that this dental procedure will definitely involve pulling out one or several affected or damaged teeth.

As excruciating as this procedure sounds, it is sometimes necessary and the only way to protect the surrounding teeth and restore oral and overall health. The procedure itself is carried out under anesthesia, so you are guaranteed that it will be painless and comfortable. You need not worry that the process will be anything but pain-free.

However, you should remember that once the anesthesia wears out, you will begin to experience some pain and discomfort typical of such a dental process.

Our Colts Neck dentist will give you aftercare tips on how to not only deal with the pain and discomfort but also to ensure that you recover as you should after the procedure.

What Are Some of the Key Extraction Aftercare Tips?

Several extraction aftercare tips are designed to ensure you have a complication and pain-free recovery period after undergoing a tooth extraction near you. One of the key tips you should focus on is getting enough rest.

Do You Need to Get Some Bed Rest After the Dental Procedure?

The answer is yes, you do. You will need to rest well after undergoing a tooth extraction in Colts Neck. This is one of the fundamental ways to kick-start your recovery process on the right foot.

Getting plenty of rest is important because it facilitates the clot formation process. After your extraction, a clot has to form on the extraction site to stop the bleeding and initiate the healing and sealing of the site.

You are advised to get plenty of bed rest within the initial 24 hours after the extraction process to ensure the formed clot does not dislodge from the site. If the blood clot dislodges from the extraction site, you might start bleeding again and will be vulnerable to extraction complications such as the dry socket.

Apart from some much-needed bed rest, you should also tone down on strenuous activities such as exercising or any other physical activity that can dislodge the formed blood clot from the extraction socket.

You might be wondering how you will be able to get any quality sleep or rest after the extraction, particularly when there is some discomfort or pain involved; here’s how:

  • Take Your Medication

Our dentist will prescribe some pain medication for you once you get home from our dental office. This is because by then, the anesthesia used during the procedure would have worn off, and you would begin to experience some pain, inflammation, and discomfort. The pain medication will deal with this and ensure you can get some rest.

  • You Have to Elevate Your Head

It is best to elevate your head while sleeping after your procedure. Use some pillows to ensure your head remains elevated as you rest or recline in bed.

  • Sleep On Your Side

Sleeping on your back will promote inflammation that will cause you more pain and discomfort and hamper your efforts f getting some good quality rest. You should sleep on your side during the first few days after your extraction to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with this dental procedure.

Other Extraction Aftercare Tips

Apart from getting ample bed rest, some other extraction aftercare tips will ensure you sleep well at night and that your healing process will be quick and complication-free. These may include;

  • Staying hydrated
  • Avoid smoking or using any form of tobacco products
  • Do not use or drink from a straw within the initial 48-hour window after the procedure because the suction can dislodge the clot
  • Use an ice pack to cut back on the facial swelling and inflammation
  • Take soft cold foods such as yogurt or ice cream within the first 24 hours after the procedure and only advance towards solids gradually as the pain and inflammation subsides
  • Remember to brush and floss your teeth properly while avoiding the extraction site. Good oral hygiene will help cut back on the occurrence of infections that might prolong your recovery process

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