Can You Get Your Teeth Whitened While Pregnant?

August 1, 2023

As an expecting mother with discolored teeth, you may wonder whether you can approach the local dentist for aesthetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening to brighten your smile. Unfortunately, many fallacies and myths surround the safety of teeth whitening while pregnant.

This blog explains the nitty-gritty about teeth whitening while pregnant and the safety of this treatment during pregnancy. We suggest you continue reading to understand whether you can get your teeth whitened while pregnant.

Teeth Whitening Is Safe during Pregnancy Although It Is Not Recommended

Presently no studies from the research show that teeth whitening has adverse effects on pregnant women or their babies. In addition, there are no substantial or severe side effects from the treatment. Therefore, assumptions can be made that pregnant women can get their teeth whitened. Therefore if you are planning this therapy from a dentist near you, rest assured the treatment will not affect you or your baby.

Unfortunately, the American Dental Association suggests dentists consider deferring teeth whitening treatments during pregnancy. Therefore most dentists, including the dental office nearby, follow the suggestion and will not recommend teeth whitening during pregnancy.

Why Does the ADA Recommend Deferring Teeth Whitening during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy causes many oral health changes in women making teeth whitening impractical to complicate the process. The transitions women's bodies undergo include the following:

The higher estrogen and progesterone levels in the body result in the loosening of the teeth.

A higher risk of enamel erosion and demineralization because of morning sickness, causing the stomach acids to meet the teeth.

The higher risk of tooth decay and pregnancy gingivitis is because of hormonal changes and sweetened food cravings resulting in higher levels of dental plaque and mouth bacteria.

While whitening your teeth during pregnancy is possible, and not a challenge, the dentist near you in Colts Neck likely advises you against elective dental procedures until the baby's birth. The suggestion helps prevent complications and ensure your and the baby's safety.

How Can You Whiten Your Teeth While Pregnant?

If your teeth are severely discolored while pregnant, you will presumably have no option but to wait until after your pregnancy to get teeth whitening from cosmetic dentistry. This is because plenty of unknowns about this aesthetic dentistry treatment make it better to play safe and hold off the treatment until after your pregnancy.

Although dental experts do not have much knowledge about the risks of teeth bleaching during pregnancy, some information about the safety of teeth whitening generally is available. The active ingredient in most whitening treatments is hydrogen peroxide, and the ingredients used by dentists are concentrated. Hydrogen peroxide can cause tooth sensitivity which you may not like with the other dental complications you confront during pregnancy.

If your teeth are discolored to make you feel you must get them whitened, it helps if you discuss at-home teeth whitening remedies, which they might suggest after examining your teeth and mouth using household techniques and whitening toothpaste occasionally to keep your teeth appear brighter.

The best way to have a pleasing smile during pregnancy is to brush your teeth twice daily, floss once, and avoid staining beverages like coffee, tea, and dark fruit juices. Quitting smoking which stains your teeth, is also recommended by dentists. In addition, you must keep up with dental visits during your pregnancy without thinking you can avoid them when expecting your baby. Regular cleanings are essential to ensure you don't develop cavities or gum disease during your pregnancy from the higher levels of dental plaque by having treatment foods or morning sickness making your teeth weaker than earlier.

If you desire to have your teeth brightened during pregnancy, the dentist can help you with information on when you can receive an in-office whitening treatment from them when you meet them for a dental cleaning. In addition, they will also polish your teeth using gritty toothpaste after the cleaning session to make your teeth appear brighter than earlier.

The safety of teeth whitening for pregnant women remains undisputed. Unfortunately, it is not recommended because of other oral health complications that may accompany pregnancy. In reality, teeth whitening is also safe for nursing mothers. Therefore, if you want to learn about this aesthetic dentistry therapy, arrange a consultation with Colts Neck Smiles. During the meeting, you can discuss your options for teeth whitening and alternative cosmetic dentistry procedures. Get started immediately by contacting them to learn when you can have your teeth whitened after your pregnancy.

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